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Who We Are

We just love email. Ever since the beginning, we’ve known that email is responsible for at least a quarter of a business’s sales, sometimes even 50%!

This is why we’ve built a robust service and strategy to get your business producing quality, high-converting emails that provide you with more sales and build customer loyalty.

Brilla Digital is a full-service email marketing company with a combined experience of almost 10 years.

Our experts have spent hundreds and thousands of hours learning, strategizing, optimizing, and launching highly successful email campaigns for small and medium-scale businesses.

Where It All Began

We have been providing exceptional email marketing services for 7 years.

It began back in 2016 when Nelson noticed there were no reputable marketing agencies putting enough emphasis on the power of email marketing.

Nelson saw that emails were generating roughly 25% of revenue for his clients and knew it was time to jump into the world of email marketing.

Since then, Nelson has been helping local and international businesses invest in their email strategy, providing them with the tools to pick up the revenue that would have otherwise been lost if they stayed with traditional, ‘all-rounder’ agencies.

Unegbu Nelson

Nelson Unegbu

Founder of Brilla Digital 

Who is Nelson?

Nelson has a knack for creative problem-solving and innovation.

He doesn’t believe in a perfect, one size fits all solution, but rather takes all of the information at hand and establishes a unique formula that can be tracked, measured, and relied upon for consistent results.

From there, he is always assessing and optimizing, looking for the next best solution for his clients.

He also enjoys working on his culinary skills, preparing local dishes for his friends and family, and also loves to engage in Mixed Martial Arts and Football – go the Catalan giants!!

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