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We provide full-service email marketing solutions that boosts subscriber's engagement, and maximize conversions.

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Few agencies have achieved Mailchimp partnership status, which is bestowed upon those demonstrating expertise in using Mailchimp over a prolonged period. We are honored to be among this esteemed group.

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We offer customized email marketing solutions designed to drive success across a wide range of industries. (3)

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Our magical designers and writers will wave their digital wands and build you beautiful, engaging, scroll-stopping email designs and content sure to improve click rates.

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Our email marketing discovery call is designed to get an in-depth understanding of your business, campaign goals, audience, and messaging then develop a concrete plan to achieve your desired outcome.

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We can help you organize your contacts by using tags and segments and manage and import your contact data. As a result, you will be able to send targeted and tailored email marketing campaigns.

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We trigger highly tailored and consistent content by leveraging subscriber behavior and preferences, effectively connecting you with your audience on autopilot – freeing up your time for more important activities.

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We can connect your ESP to brilliant marketing solutions, allowing you to track and analyze the performance of your emails. Use our integration service today and see what a difference it can make for your business.

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We provide thorough email marketing training to people of all skill levels.

Our expert team is ready to help you and your team achieve your goals, from learning the fundamentals to advanced skills.

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Who we are

We love email. Since the beginning, we’ve known that email is responsible for at least a quarter of a business’s sales, sometimes even 50%!

This is why we’ve built a robust service and strategy to get your company to produce quality, high-converting emails that increase sales and build customer loyalty.

Brilla Digital is a full-service email marketing company with almost seven years of experience.

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We’re trusted by hundreds of brands to deliver them email marketing that SHINES through the inboxes of millions!

Michael Fraidenburg Author and Certified Mediator

Always creative and pragmatic solutions I can use right away. When implementing shows the kind of initiative and independence I need but with work that is 'on-target' to complete my purpose.

William Massias Owner of Brawta Living Inc.

We contracted Brilla Digital to help us to improve on our customers journey and they have done an outstanding job. With this new strategy we will be able to measure our results leading to better decisions. We look to Brilla for their ongoing insight and guidance

Ijeoma Ejinwa Sr Director/Country Manager Agileseventeen LLC.

Improved email and landing page design, personalized email copies to our audience, effective subject lines and call to action. Nelson showcased great comms skills, creativity, he was collaborative, competent and accountable while coaching my team. He also went the extra mile to make himself available to my team and provide clarifications when we needed it. A really good and effective coach.

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